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Provider Solutions

DST Physician & Provider Practice Services Overview

DST supports practice groups of any size and specialty, including physician networks, hospital-based physicians, hospital emergency departments, and management services organizations (MSOs). Of particular significance is DST’s successful track record providing coding and billing services to emergency physician groups for more than 25 years. Our experience as a significant advocate of business process management led to developing our best practices approach.

Coding & Billing Services

DST’s Coding and Billing Services for physicians and providers is optimized to enhance administrative functions and tighten control of costs, while reducing your liability. We will work with you to obtain best-practice metrics and recap the results in regular meetings with your management team. To further maximize your operational results, we provide the following specialized resources and administrative services:

  • Provider enrollment and re-enrollment services
  • Certified coders
  • Internal and external chart auditing
  • Documentation education for physicians
  • Quality assurance
  • Compliance and planning services

Advanced Practice Management Technology and Connectivity

Part of DST’s ability to transform a customer’s business operation lies in efficiencies gained through the use of advanced enterprise software combined with web-based technologies.  Our sophisticated data center provides a protected hosting environment, which is accessed through our secure network.  Our solutions are designed to best meet your specific business needs, not ours.  We provide you with complete control in modifying our applications.This type of flexibility is one of the key benefits of partnering with DST.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Services

In today’shealthcare environment, electronic connectivity is vital for prompt payment. DST Health Solutions provides EDI solutions to improve the turnaround of claims and information necessary to manage a practice efficiently.  

DST EDI solutions include:

  • „Electronic claim submission, remittance receipt, and posting will expedite reimbursement and improve operational staff productivity. Claims are reviewed for accuracy before submission, reducing rejected claim volume. Audit trail reports keep DST staff informed of claim status
  • Interface with hospital systems and labs for transfer of demographics and charges
  • Clinical systems connectivity through both current and past data exchange standards,   including HL7 „
  • Collection letters generated and mailed automatically based on your criteria

Business Process Outsourcing

DST gives you access to a world-class, cloud-based administration infrastructure, allowing you to strategically outsource one or more discrete business functions without relinquishing any control over your practice. With DST’s experienced personnel supporting your administrative workload, you’ll have more time to maintain your focus on providing superior patient care.

By outsourcing your practice’s complex administrative processes to DST, you gain the benefits of DST’s technology, trained staff, proven best practices, and industry expertise while maintaining control and visibility of your entire operation. Save time and money by employing an outsourcing strategy to improve efficiencies from the initial patient contact to reimbursement.

Our BPO Services include:

  • Provider enrollment
  • Insurance verification
  • Medical coding conducted by  highly-trained, certified coders
  • Data entry
  • Electronic claims submission (EDI)
  • Insurance follow-up
  • Correspondence processing
  • Appeal letters
  • Statement processing
  • First-level collections
  • Payment management
  • Business intelligence and executive dashboard reporting, including both static and real-time capabilities
  • Data mining and operational analysis
  • Customer Service

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