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Market Insights

Market Insights

Industry Solutions

We leverage our technological and market expertise to help our clients address their market-specific customer communications challenges. 

We’ve built our business on a strategy of developing in-depth expertise in the sectors we serve. Through a mix of research, practical experience, and just plain listening, we gain a deep understanding of the characteristics and dynamics that make these sectors unique, ensuring we help you deliver relevant and effective customer communication.

Asset and Wealth Management

We know what’s involved in delivering communications that need to meet the requirements of customers and regulators. Our experience includes regular investment statements, daily application, proxy voting and more. We can coordinate sophisticated data, printing and finishing capabilities that deliver highly personalised and targeted communications through both print and electronic channels.

Bank/Building Societies

With our advanced, high volume color digital printing capabilities and intelligent finishing we’ve raised the bar for communications clarity and effectiveness. This is the technology that enables us to transform boring statements with colorful charts and graphics that help customers better understand their finances. We’re highly experienced in transpromotional techniques – utilising ‘unused’ space in statements and documents to cross-sell, up-sell and reduce customer queries.


Drawing on our expertise we supply the infrastructure for sophisticated ‘trigger’ based marketing that connects with customers at relevant times, such as anniveraries. These campaigns, combining both offline and online channels, minimise waste and boost responses. We  help our clients make more of their documentation, ensuring clarity, relevance and a better customer experience.

Pensions and Benefits

We help human resources departments and pension administrators transform typically boring regulatory communications into documents that increase contributions, excite employees about the value of benefits and help reduce costs. Whether you are enhancing your communications or want to integrate our production expertise into an existing system, our specialist knowledge will help pay dividends. 

Corporate Actions and M&As

We’re expert at delivering the corporate governance mailings, including Mergers & Acquisitions communications, which must meet financial regulators’ compliance requirements. As the leading annual report and account mailings supplier to the financial community our extensive production resources, including bulk handling and poly-wrapping, mean we can be responsive when fast turnarounds are required. 


Our infrastructure supports marketing campaigns to liaise with both existing customers and prospects. Our variable print capabilities enable extensive personalisation – tailoring the look and content of bills and statements to reflect customer profiles and needs. Applying this personalisation lets you make statements simpler and easier to understand, reducing customer enquiries. It also provides increased opportunities to cross-sell and target customers with tailored messages and offers, improving retention.


Our workflow solutions enable local marketing campaigns that are centrally planned and implemented, giving you greater tactical flexibility combined with improved control. They also help you give local stores the ability to run their own campaigns. We consolidate and execute individual orders using whichever print technologies are most suitable for production and postal economies. Our print-on-demand services help minimize the costs of holding literature stocks and having to reprint them when products or market conditions change.

Travel and Leisure

We work with many businesses in the travel and leisure sectors, helping them improve customer contact, maximize footfall and web traffic, and communicate more efficiently. We’re able to apply the latest print technologies. We are able to manage and deliver seamless, multi-channel campaigns involving traditional and digital print together with electronic channels, including personalized websites (PURLs), email and SMS.


We’re able to help you differentiate with relevant, easy to digest literature and prospectuses. We are equipped to knit multi-media strategies - involving traditional and digital print, personalized websites (PURLs), email and SMS - into integrated and easily managed campaigns.


Applying variable print expertise we make it practical for charities to reap the rewards of the personalization to help revolutionise fundraising. By creating communications that match donors’ profiles, we help strengthen relationships and improve response rates. We use our web development capabilities to streamline communications management for a number of leading charities by helping them manage the entire process – mailing, order handling, fulfilment and follow-ups – through a single integrated platform, helping reducing costs and the administrative burden.

Public Sector

Our approach of simplifying communications delivery is helping councils around the country to improve tax collection rates, iron out peaks and troughs in call center demand, cut postage costs and streamline administration. We help improve direct debit uptake - an area with significant potential. Our strategies for improving outcomes include making documents simpler and easier to understand, delivering them electronically, consolidating bill and benefit mailings and establishing rigorous project management for annual billing cycles.

Data is at the heart of everything we do. We collect it, interrogate it, profile, supplement and manage it to help provide the insights into what makes your customers tick. We believe customer insight is so important that we have established a specialist customer engagement division called Lateral Group, dedicated to it.

Lateral Group create profitable interactions for brands that engage customers and influence purchase. They do this by blending data, technology, insight, ideas and creativity to deliver ‘real time’ integrated marketing communications”.

For further information about Lateral Group please click here.

We continuously seek new and ground-breaking ideas. We promote a culture that encourages innovation thinking and have developed a unique production infrastructure that is one of the world’s most technically advanced. This helps our clients operate more effectively through state-of-the-art workflows, be more dynamic in communications, and produce output that creates impact and return on investment. Supported by the latest production technology plus the implementation of unique operational solutions, we help deliver efficiencies in terms of both production timescales and costs.

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