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Our services can help you meet your customers’ highest expectations, while helping ensure that you maximize operational efficiency, reduce risk, improve profits, and gain a clear competitive advantage. Clients from around the world have used our expertise to successfully transform their businesses.


Professional Services

A successful journey to the right process solution goes smoother with the right implementation partner. Backed by our deep understanding of process solutions, extensive in-house domain knowledge and highly experienced consultants, all of our services are tailored to meet the needs of each client.

A Better Approach

Our approach works. Nearly 100% of projects that engage with DST Professional Services go into production and nearly all customers re-engage us after the initial implementation to expand their rollout.

Low Service Cost to Software Ratio

Our service cost to software license ratio is among the industry's lowest.
We routinely deliver point solutions in two to four weeks and full-transformations in 6-12 months.

Experienced Process Consultants

With a typical DST tenure of more than 10 years much of it in process improvement within highly regulated industries - including financial services and healthcare - our consultants have the experience needed to successfully drive your organization to the right business process solution.

Global Implementation Team

Our global consulting services operate out of offices in the USA, United Kingdom, South Africa, China and Australia. We have implemented our solution worldwide and are committed to providing the highest professional standards on projects of all sizes.

Personalized Delivery Models - Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Pre-Services Proof of Concept:

Not sure where to start for the greatest impact? Start small by working with our team to take one process, change it then demonstrate how it would work within your business environment - all within two weeks. By seeing rapid development with rapid results, you can gain clarity on the best next steps for your organization.


Turnkey Services for Fast Results:

Sometimes, you need to transform a process as quickly as possible or may not have the resources to manage it yourself. Our turnkey implementation services can meet this need. We bring in our complete team – project manager, consultants, technical leads and developers - and take ownership of your process environment for the duration of the project.


Transformation with Knowledge Transfer:

In addition to transforming business operations in production, this model enables your staff to become self-sufficient, learning to effectively manage future process changes in your organization. Initially, our consultants coordinate and lead the project, then assist your team as they transition to take on a greater level of responsibility. The project plan is co-managed to give ownership on both sides. We stay by your team's side post go-live to ensure all goes smoothly as the new processes are adopted in your organization.


In this model, we provide best practice guidance and a depth of process and BPM knowledge so your staff can learn how to build something that will work for your organization long term. By working side-by-side, your team gains the confidence needed to make changes and take control using the AWD platform.


Advisory and Design Support:

In this model, our experienced process design consultants provide additional bandwidth to help your project succeed, providing on-demand deliverables as directed by your team.

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logoShow the Value - Build the Business Case for Change

With shrinking resources and growing costs, organizations must be methodical in choosing how to spend their money. Companies that are embarking on process improvement or business transformation initiatives do not have the luxury of having unsuccessful projects that do not provide measurable business value.

An Integrated Approach to Process-Centric Business Transformation

DST's Value Management Practice works with you to understand what your customers need to experience from your processes to make their lives, easier, simpler, and more successful. We partner with you to identify enhancement opportunities and develop a clear plan, with ROI, for process and business performance improvement so your organization can consistently deliver what your customers expect.
Understanding and consistently delivering what your customers expect is at the heart of creating process excellence which leads to improved competitive advantage and long-term, sustainable profitability.

What are clients saying?

Insurance Industry TPA*


Senior Manager
Global Investment Management Services Firm*

"As a business leader, it is challenging to compare and contrast third party resources to solve complex business problems that can impact the growth and technology roadmap of your organization. It can be difficult to know what to trust, when to invest and how to engage with confidence to reach a successful outcome.

DST helps significantly reduce or eliminate the mental clutter that can confound the decision process through their rigorous but responsive Value Management approach. Their professionals instill confidence early on, helping me garner the critical support required from other stakeholders in the business.

DST is a global enterprise with people, service and technology literally spanning the globe but they have a unique way of distilling that vast IP in a way that makes me believe they care about our business, listen to our needs, and most importantly, they can translate that into solutions that will address our challenges. They do all of this with a sense of compassion and partnership which is very important to me."


"[The DST Value Management Practice] provided the foundation to understand the value we could derive from AWD. It helped us connect the dots, to understand the art of the possible, of how AWD could be used differently to better support [greater efficiency and deliver a better customer experience]."

"[The Value Management Process] showed us how we could lessen our dependency on IT by placing process re-design in the hands of our business owners, allowing the business to quickly configure AWD10 to meet the needs of our customer and financial advisors."

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Learn More

FAQs - DST Value Management Practice

The Value Management Engagement Process

Discovery Phase Brief

Value Management Engagement Model


Where are we going?

Identify what's driving business change. Who are your customers? What processes are being targeted for improvement? What are the project's critical success factors as well as what are the desired future state process effectiveness, efficiency and governance goals? (Scope Phase)

What do we need to understand?

Gain an understanding of the current ecosystem and begin to define the future state. Attend successful customer experience workshops, define current state processes and understand the supporting technology architecture. Discuss desired future state financial and operational performance requirements. (Discovery Phase)

What's the impact of what we found?

Identify process Points-of-Failure. Develop an action plan to eliminate or mitigate identified process shortcomings. With the benefit of client provided operational cost data, develop process cost model and business case. (Analysis Phase)

What do we need to build?

Develop business value and technical solution blueprints focused on achieving the future state Customer Experience, Business Performance and Process Improvement outcomes. (Design Phase)

Was business value created?

Conduct post-implementation discovery and analysis to determine if the desired future state outcomes were achieved. (Validation Phase)

* Individual and organizational names are withheld for contractual and privacy reasons.

AWD University logo

DST provides world-class training using a blended learning approach, combining classroom instruction with virtual classes and video courses, all scheduled at your convenience. To compliment the learning experience, collaborative workshops pair an AWD facilitator with your implementation specialist to immediately start applying AWD implementation concepts to your environment.

The courses are designed to meet the needs of different types of users including project implementation teams, business analysts, technical support staff, and trainers. Available as a package or as individual modules, training can take place on-site, at DST’s training center, or through our virtual classrooms.

With years of AWD implementation experience, our expert consultants will guide you through the AWD modules with practical implementation examples and best practice advice, helping to ensure your organization’s optimum use of AWD.

Please click the tabs below to contact us about our available training courses in your region including:

  • Administration
  • Design
  • Communications
  • Monitoring
  • Train-the-Trainer
  • Server/Peripheral Installation
  • Configuration
  • Maintenance/Troubleshooting



For more information on our U.S.-based training courses, please contact us

Global (non-U.S.)

View our selection of AWD Training course brochures:

AWD Training

AWD10 Admin and Design Studio Download (Global)
AWD10 Advanced Design Studio Download (Global)
AWD10 Capture Download (Global)
AWD10 Case Management
Download (Global)
AWD10 Communications Design Download (Global)
AWD10 Communications Integration Download (Global)
AWD10 Customisation Development Download (Global)
AWD10 Design Studio Download (Global)
AWD10 End User Train-the-Trainer Download (Global)
AWD10 Monitoring Download (Global)
AWD10 Report Writing Download (Global)
AWD10 Support Analysis Download (Global)
BPMN for AWD Download (Global)

For more information on our global training courses, please contact us.

Gain infrastructure elasticity to meet fluctuating demands, and reduce the risks associated with security and system availability by hosting your AWD® environment in DST’s secure cloud.

These services will help enable you to:

  • Decrease capital expenditures by eliminating the need for hardware investments and system maintenance
  • Cost-effectively maintain an optimal environment for current and future AWD application releases
  • Minimize the risk of system downtime and data loss with the high availability, resiliency and security of the DST data centers
  • Access personalized technical and application support 24/7
  • Support growth and varying data and transaction volumes with scalability and capacity on demand

DST’s Managed Cloud services include redundancy between two hardened data center facilities, and are 
based on a partnership model in which we work with you to support the AWD processing environment. Our Data Center team is an extension of your technical and business resources, enabling you to fully benefit from our suite of products. We manage all aspects of the database and application, including patch and release updates. This allows us to quickly deploy new features and functionality, while our years of application experience help you to remain focused on your core business.

Each year, companies invest considerable effort and expense to retain originals of important documents to support internal processes and comply with external regulations. When required, records must be located, pulled and delivered. Our archival and records management service is designed to provide unalterable storage of multiple file types to meet security and compliance requirements while giving you robust retention management capabilities.

We provide the scanning, indexing, storage, retrieval, and disposal of documents customized to your business needs. This service offers you a reliable and secure alternative for integrating long-term electronic records management into your business systems.

Companies across multiple industry verticals have benefited from our archival and records management service. It can be applied throughout your organization—from operations to human resources to your legal department - any functional area that requires long-term document storage and retrieval.

With our archival and records management service, we can help you improve inefficient and expensive processes while helping mitigate the risks associated with loss, damage, regulatory, security or privacy issues.


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