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Client Testimonials – The business benefits of AWD

In this video, Gary Smith and Melanie Seymour from BlackRock, Richard Barrett from IFDS, Frank Lombardo from MLC and Paul Herbert from Unum, talk about the competitive advantages AWD brings to their business, as well as the challenges their industries face and how the solution is helping them to transform their operations. They also discuss their journeys on upgrading to AWD10 and how it helps them with cost reduction and further operational control.

Client Testimonials – Delivering value with AWD

In this video, Mandana Zarkesh-Esfahani from IFDS, Steve Dockrell from OneSavings Bank, and Sue Lee from HSBC talk about how AWD is deployed throughout their organizations, and the value AWD has helped deliver, along with the benefits of upgrading to AWD10.

Video Testimonial - Unum

Paul Herbert, Customer Services Director at Unum discusses the benefits of using AWD and how it has enabled Unum to continue delivering exceptional customer service, enhancing efficiency, and improving cost and speed to market. Paul also talks about the competitive advantage that AWD10 brings to Unum, what it has been like working with DST, and plans for the future direction of AWD.

Video Testimonial - BlackRock

Gary Smith, Managing Director of the Employee Savings Service Centre at BlackRock, discusses how AWD is used within the company and how it delivers value to its clients through its scalable workflow management, risk control, and management information capabilities. Gary also discusses the benefits of working with DST and how AWD has become an integral component of the future strategic plans of BlackRock.

Video Testimonial - MLC

Frank Lombardo, General Manager - Retail Insurance Operations at MLC, discusses the benefits of using AWD and how it has enabled the organization to drive a competitive advantage in their service proposition, increasing customer engagement levels, and improving operational efficiency. Frank also talks about the positive relationship with DST and how AWD's scalability has enabled it to evolve with MLC as their business has grown.

Endsleigh and AWD

AWD supports business expansion and process efficiency for Endsleigh, leading provider of insurance and financial products.

Transfer agency and AWD

Our client needed to develop a robust solution that would deliver consistency of offering and provide scalability to cope with future growth, while delivering process excellence on a global scale.

AWD for automation at a leading superannuation provider

AWD is selected to provide a flexible operating environment that delivers straight through processing of payment schedules, administration processes and regulatory compliance.

Business Transformation and AWD

With ambitious plans to develop their business, IFDS Ireland identified that an upgrade to AWD10 would provide a strategic IT and business advantage.

Customer experience and AWD

IFDS needed a software solution that would help them to offer clients innovation, superior customer service and a differentiated customer experience. AWD was selected by IFDS as a key component of its collective investment record platform, providing a workflow solution for all 50 management companies with over 2,000 AWD users across 10 locations.

AWD delivers a differentiated customer service and competitive advantage at AEGON Religare

Helping AEGON Religare to expand operations and improve operational efficiency.

The FCA one year on: firms need to take great responsibility for compliance

April 2014 marked one year since the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) arrived on the scene with a tough new remit to clamp down on client detriment before it happens. This has led to an onus on firms to prove they have incorporated the regulator’s Treating Customer Fairly (TCF) principles into their business model and can prove the six TCF outcomes are being followed at every level.

Responding to Customers' Life Events with Case Management

In a world where customers’ experiences and expectations can spread further and faster than ever before, it is no longer possible for many businesses to deliver sustainable differentiation simply by competing on price or product features. Managing customer experience is more important than it has ever been. This white paper from Neil Ward-Dutton of MWD Advisors explores what is required to really make this happen.

Beyond the Mortgage Market Review (MMR)

When the FSA published the final rules of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) back in October 2012, the mortgage market was in a state of depression. Today the picture is very different. This paper explores some of the challenges that remain for lenders in a post-MMR world, as well as the role that technology can play in delivering a truly scalable business model where service can become a differentiator within an ever-evolving regulatory framework.

Delivering business value by evolving to straight-through processing

In this evolved and evolving customer, operational, and technology landscape, many organizations are facing the challenge of transitioning from a world where they have had control of which business processes are available through each channel, to one where customers want the flexibility to choose all business processes through all channels. Business sponsors now face the challenge of being able to satisfy customer demands, while reconciling the business desire to optimize the investment required to deliver and minimize the ongoing operational expense.

Creating a bridge from product silos to a customer-centric experience

In recent years, the way a customer engages with a financial services organization has changed. What has not changed is the expectation that your request is completed correctly and in an acceptable time frame.

AWD Case Management - Supporting the Knowledge Worker

By building AWD Case Management from the ground up, DST provides a single integrated solution that allows you to seamlessly transition work between both highly procedural process and the more flexible knowledge worker.

AWD Customer Engagement Platform

Two major trends affect a firm’s ability to achieve customer service excellence: how customers engage with businesses and how people engage in the workplace. DST and many of its customers are leveraging the power of AWD to transform their customer service operations.

Mortgage Market Review: Are you ready for it?

On the 25th October 2012 the FSA published the final draft of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR). While in the eyes of the regulator the MMR set out the case for reforming the UK mortgage market to ensure it is sustainable and works better for consumers, the one aspect that the MMR does not address is the technology and cost implications of adhering to CP 11/31.

Managing Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement

Lean Six Sigma is an approach used to achieve operational excellence by improving business processes. In order to hold a competitive edge by offering exceptional customer service, many organizations have adopted or are in the process of adopting Lean Six Sigma methodologies designed to review business processes and make the changes required to improve a company’s efficiency, rationalize staff usage and in turn lower operating costs.

Will your process efficiency impact your operational viability in a Solvency II world?

Most of the time and effort expended on Solvency II thus far has been spent on implementing systems and procedures for measuring and calculating levels of capital and prime risk. However, without adequate processes and controls in place in business operations, the capital adequacy levels required could be adversely impacted by operational risk weightings.

Managing the superannuation administration burden

The superannuation system in Australia has contributed towards an increase in investments and the nations’ wealth. However, as superannuation grows, the administrative burden gets increasingly larger with funds struggling to keep operational costs and efficiency at a reasonable level.

Can remote working redefine the workplace?

Traditional approaches to working practices are constantly being revised and eroded as cultural and technological change evolves and the need to be anchored to a desk starts to disappear. While this has already happened to a large extent at a managerial and business professional level, it is only just becoming possible at the general office employee level.

Integrating customer electronic applications into the end-to-end business process

Recently, product providers have delivered online application offerings. However, once the ‘apply’ button is clicked an army of people in the back office have to print off the application and rekey data into line-of-business systems. What if you could extend the reach of the back-end system so that the individual incepting the business inputs their information directly into the processing environment, thus increasing the speed and accuracy of the process and reducing the cost?

Pension freedoms break providers outdated technology

David Tryon, Director of Client Management, at DST Business Process Solutions, examines why UK pension providers risk losing market share if they do not keep up with the pace of technological change.

Improving customer experience through streamlining the claims process

David Tryon, Director of Client Management, at DST Business Process Solutions, looks at how insurers need to do more to improve customer experience by streamlining the claims process.

Consumers, Claims and Key Concerns

What impact does the claims experience have on customer satisfaction? This research paper explores current perceptions, opinions and priorities around the claims process for general insurers in the UK, from both a consumer and an industry perspective.

Claims Handling Checklist

Claims handling is central to any insurer’s success. For customers, nothing is more important – except maybe the cost of their premiums - and for insurers, claims are their most significant expense. DST's Claims Handling Checklist will help you to address these issues by identifying where your systems could be hindering the drive for a more profitable business.

Tackling transformation

Business transformation and disruption have become key words for anyone who has worked in financial services over the past five years but they tend to mean different things to different people. To get some clarity on the issues involved, the AB+F High Performance Financial Services Executive Leadership Dinner, sponsored by DST, invited a number of industry leaders to frame the debate.

How challenger banks are changing the UK retail banking landscape

David Tryon, Director of Client Management, at DST Business Process Solutions, looks at how challenger banks are changing the current UK retail banking landscape.

Let data drive your process

Contrary to popular wisdom, you can have too much of a good thing – particularly if you do not know what to do with it. The increase in the volume and sources of data available to businesses in recent years has been enormous. In many cases, it has far outstripped the ability to use it – and it is a problem that is only going to grow.

PPI and the real value in effective complaints handling

Alan Fahey, Head of Retail Banking at DST Business Process Solutions, responds to the news that some UK banks are bracing themselves for a fresh wave of PPI costs.

InTouch - Issue 5

Customer intimacy can form the foundation for competitive advantage and market leadership. In our fifth edition of InTouch, we showcase some of the ways we have collaborated with our clients to help them develop their own client partnerships using the power of AWD.

Getting to know you

We bring you news of our latest AWD developments along with an overview of our customer experience initiatives and annual client events.


MarketFRESH, where we bring you latest updates on our strategy and engagement with the analyst community.

Regulators want to see firms taking greater responsibility for compliance

April 2014 marked one year since the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) arrived on the scene with a tough new remit to clamp down on client detriment before it happens. This renewed focus on consumer protection has not been limited to one specific country, but rather has had an impact on regulation across the globe.

Embracing big data for faster, better and smarter decisions

The ability to make faster, better and smarter decisions from big data is an exciting opportunity for both business and technology leaders. Many organizations however are only just beginning to explore how big data can be truly leveraged within their own operations.

Business ownership of process and intelligence with AWD – An analyst’s view

As IT falls behind the pace of business operations, it is losing control over business intelligence platforms. Business process management (BPM) is increasingly becoming the domain of a broader user base as it evolves to deliver more user friendly, self-service features independently of costly IT resources. This article explores ways that BPM provides value and how this can help enable more productive collaboration between business and IT.

Events round-up

We bring to you a round-up of the main events we have engaged in over recent months and look at forthcoming events for the year ahead.

The FCA one year on: firms need to take great responsibility for compliance

April 2014 marked one year since the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) arrived on the scene with a tough new remit to clamp down on client detriment before it happens. This has led to an onus on firms to prove they have incorporated the regulator’s Treating Customer Fairly (TCF) principles into their business model and can prove the six TCF outcomes are being followed at every level.

InTouch - Issue 4

In our fourth edition of InTouch, we showcase some of the ways we have worked with our clients to help them achieve the world class customer experience and process excellence they need to be one step ahead of the competition.

CRM as a business process capture stream

An insight into how a leading investment management services organization and BFDS used® as a process capture stream, and some of the architectural considerations.

Driving customer satisfaction

Your complete round-up of the latest AWD news on client upgrades and resources, as well as service updates.


In our latest issue of MarketFRESH, we bring you updates on our strategy and engagement with the analyst community.

Taking an outside-in approach to BPM

We examine insights from Clay Richardson of Forrester on the role of BPM in enabling exceptional customer experience, successfully executing work across your business, and how organizations are using Centers of Excellence to drive improvement and leverage their investments in BPM technology.

Have we seen the last of the technology ‘big bang’ projects?

Read about why organizations are shifting from IT architecture-led projects towards a focus on addressing critical business issues.

Events round-up

Information on our latest events activities across the globe and a glimpse into 2014's schedule.

Podcast - Get ready to change the way you think about BPM

The customer experience, mobile devices and big data are creating huge changes in the way companies do business. These three factors have combined to force businesses to rethink business process management.

InTouch - Issue 3

DST's newsletter that keeps you informed of industry developments and the world of AWD. In our third edition of InTouch, we explore topics around transforming how teams collaborate to get work done and putting the customer at the center of everything you do.

InTouch - Issue 2

In our second edition of InTouch, we explore topics focusing on the response to change, including the feasibility of remote working, how AWD’s new mobile application can help give your organization the customer service edge, the importance of making regulation profitable, and how AWD’s Process Design is helping our clients realize the real business benefits of making the move to AWD10.

InTouch - Issue 1

DST's new newsletter that keeps you informed of industry developments and the world of AWD. Our first issue explores two topics that are having a huge impact on financial services organisations – Lean Six Sigma, and Solvency II.

Business Process Solutions - Overview

Meet the demands of your clients, and set yourself apart from your competitors, by enhancing operations with software and services from DST.

AWD - Business Benefits Overview

AWD can help deliver business-specific solutions to complex operational challenges while maximizing customer value.

AWD - Functional Overview

AWD delivers the functionality to provide your organization with the features and flexibility to process your day-to-day work.

AWD Loans Processing

Today’s lenders need to be fast and informed to contend with the cost of capital, cut-throat competition and stringent regulatory regimes. DST’s AWD Loans Processing solution supports a loans process that’s quick, efficient and compliant, promoting increased customer satisfaction and consistent, quality lending decisions.

AWD Mortgage Processing

In a post-MMR environment, lenders face scrutiny from regulators, pressure from brokers, and a wide range of demands from customers through a variety of channels. DST’s AWD Mortgage Processing solution streamlines and automates the mortgage process for an efficient, compliant and transparent operation. Delivering excellent customer service and enforcing internal controls, it helps lenders adapt to changing market conditions and regulatory demands with confidence.

AWD Legacy Modernization

The complex systems used by financial services companies reflect the challenging, changing and competitive market in which they operate. Clients expect high quality, customer-centric service across numerous products and communication channels. DST’s AWD Legacy Modernization solution is designed to offer a more cost-effective, less disruptive answer to help financial services organizations held back by ageing back office systems deliver excellent customer service.

AWD Structured Debt

Successful structured finance deals require close cooperation and coordination between a number of different, and often geographically dispersed, departments. However progress is often hampered by information trapped in siloes, and paper-driven, manual processes. From origination to execution, DST’s AWD Structured Debt solution delivers visible, auditable and informed decisions for a more profitable, consistent operation.

AWD Online Applications

Financial services customers want products to be cheaper and faster; regulators demand consistent compliance; and providers want market share. The pressure to cut processing costs and deliver an excellent application experience has never been greater. DST’s AWD Online Applications solution drives an end-to-end process to help banking, insurance and investment products eliminate inefficiencies, inconsistencies and missing information, helping to deliver a seamless experience for clients and intermediaries alike.

AWD Claims Processing

As competition, customer expectations and regulatory burdens squeeze margins, cutting claims leakage is vital. Insurers need systems that minimize costs while delivering a high-quality claims experience that safeguards customer loyalty. DST's AWD Claims Processing solution provides a consistent, compliant experience that helps cut the cost of claims, improve operational efficiency and deliver a market-leading service.

AWD Complaints Management

Regulators want disputes handled faster and more fairly, customer expectations are high, the number of communication channels is growing, and business lines are diversified and complex. DST's AWD Complaints Management solution combines powerful business process management (BPM) and case management for a compliant, efficient complaints process that aids in the delivery of excellent customer service.

AWD Client On-boarding

Without the proper processes, effective risk management and compliance can work against efficient on-boarding, leaving clients disappointed and organizations exposed. DST’s AWD Client On-boarding solution is designed to help deliver a compliant, efficient on-boarding process that drives value across the business and helps provide the best possible beginning for your client relationships.

AWD Customer Centricity

Fierce competition, high expectations and stringent regulation make customer centricity vital. By improving everyday interactions with customers across all service channels, DST's AWD Customer Centricity solution helps you to deliver a better service, reduce costs and generate more sales - maximizing all business outcomes.

AWD Case Management

Drive the outcomes your customers deserve by aligning people, technology and information for complex, life event processing.

AWD Tax Compliance

The introduction of the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) legislation has driven market participants to review and optimize legacy systems to support new data requirements as well as invest in new operational processes to meet the stringent identification and review requirements under the FATCA regime.

AWD Monitoring

The Monitoring suite in AWD provides real-time analysis of your organization’s work and people, giving you information needed to enhance performance and improve customer experience.

Webinar - From Insight to Action

In this one hour webinar from September 2014, experts Jim Sinur and Jarrod Poynton explored an evolutionary approach to data analysis and process excellence that allows you to bring real-time insight to your front-line decision makers to drive business performance.

Advance Forum Europe 2014 Overview

The Advance Forum Europe 2014, DST Business Process Solutions' annual client conference, was held in London on the 25th June, where attendees gathered to discuss best practice, hear about latest industry initiatives and learn about key developments for AWD.

Insight. Action. Results.

Delivering the ultimate customer and work experience requires three things: Insight. Action. Results. At DST, we’re putting these three words to work for you.

Empowering your business with AWD

Discover how AWD can empower your business through capture, design, integration, communication and monitoring capabilities that can help to deliver a truly exceptional customer experience.

The need for case management

In this video, Neil Ward-Dutton, Founder and Research Director at MWD Advisors, and Judith Morley, Product Manager at DST, talk about the needs for a case management approach, when and how it should be applied, and some of the challenges involved. We also explore how case management is integrated to our latest version of AWD, as well as some of the benefits this helps deliver to clients.

Webinar - Mortgage Market Review: Are you ready for it?

This one hour webinar from June 2013 focused on the challenges lenders face in addressing the key outcomes of the MMR and the role technology solutions will play in shaping continued access to mortgage products under the new regulation.

Advance Forum Europe 2013 Overview

The Advance Forum Europe 2013 was held in London on the 22nd-24th April. This is DST Business Process Solutions’ annual client conference, where attendees gather to discuss best practice, hear about latest industry initiatives and of course learn about new developments of our AWD application.

Webinar - Business process management with AWD10: architecture and solution overview

This one hour webinar from December 2012 explores the design elements and capabilities of AWD10, where the solution fits within an Enterprise Architecture, and how it can help your organization reduce the cost of operations while achieving operational control.

Webinar - Can remote working redefine the workplace?

This one hour webinar from October 2012 explored how remote working initiatives can ultimately help organizations improve operational efficiency and realize significant cost savings, and also addressed some of the pitfalls and considerations that need to be taken into account.

Advance Forum Europe 2012 Overview

The Advance Forum Europe 2012 was held in London on the 11th and 12th June. This is DST’s annual client conference, where clients from across Europe have the opportunity to learn best practices in the industry, share experiences, get familiar with the new developments of AWD and discover the most effective uses for BPM across their organizations.

AWD mobile application

Our BPM solution now allows your organization to be more efficient by delivering the right work, to the right person, at the right time, wherever you are.

Lean Six Sigma and AWD10

Jarrod Poynton and Jason Meah discuss the benefits of implementing AWD10 as part of a Lean Six Sigma initiative.

The Value of an Operational Review

Graham Hutchings, Operations Director, discusses the benefits to organizations of having an Operational Review.

Overview of AWD and Customer Trends

Tony Armour, Managing Director of the Business Process Solutions division gives an overview of the business and plans for the future.

Gartner iBPMS Magic Quadrant 2015

DST selected by Gartner for inclusion in the iBPMS Magic Quadrant 2015.

BENCHMARK YOUR READINESS TODAY against industry peers across five key dimensions

Business Transformation Analyzer

Take Assessment NowWhether your company is just starting to consider where to begin transforming your business, or your transformation initiative is already underway, our online assessment will help you gauge the maturity of your organization's process improvement capabilities and provide tailored advice on how to advance.

The online self-assessment will:

  • Provide your current state of transformation readiness
  • Benchmark your organization's readiness against others in your industry
  • Deliver in-depth recommendations via a business transformation action plan

Use Analyzer Now

Use this interactive tool to benchmark your organization's capabilities in five dimensions:



The degree to which your transformation initiative practices different stages of the business process management lifecycle - discovery and analysis, design, implementation, deployment and operation, and monitoring and optimization.



The extent to which your organization is ready to support the needs of a broad business transformation initiative. This dimension explores the participation of key business and IT stakeholders, establishes the role of a Center of Excellence (CoE), examines the availability of required skills to support the initiative and assesses how well your organization is set up to manage and secure the benefits of change.



Your organization's approach to creating a framework for the management of your business transformation initiative throughout the lifecycle and participants in governance processes.



The degree to which architecture practices are used in the development of your business transformation initiative to drive consistency of outcomes and minimize costs and risks.



Your organization's use of the technology for a transformation initiative and the degree to which technology components can be used together efficiently to support the promise of business process management across its lifecycle.

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