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AWD - Business Process Management

AWD®, our comprehensive business process management (BPM) solution, is designed to help ensure that interactions within your organization and with your customers happen seamlessly, enabling you to deliver exceptional quality and enhanced customer service. AWD can help your organization work more effectively by bringing people, processes and systems together.

With AWD, your people are able to be creative and flexible in how they handle interactions, both internally and with customers, while retaining control and management oversight. Our comprehensive BPM solution offers the following features that work together to help you reduce cost, better manage risk, and become more agile:


Content enables you to store and retrieve supporting information, ranging from Microsoft Word® documents and Adobe Acrobat® PDFs to customer emails and scanned documents needed to execute work. AWD also supports new forms of unstructured rich media content (such as video) that your customers are using. AWD provides a direct link from your processes and cases to all supporting documents. Our fully integrated content service features full-color images, redaction, highlighting, page and field-level security, compound and sub-documents. Read more


AWD delivers dynamic user interfaces designed for optimal productivity based on the person’s role, e.g., transaction processor, case manager, call center agent, or supervisor. It gives your people the features and flexibility they need to process their day-to-day work. AWD can also be accessed on mobile and tablet devices, providing access anywhere at any time. Read more


Capture content from a variety of media and channels, including: social media streams (such as Twitter and Facebook), document scanners, faxes, emails, office documents, and service oriented architecture such as SOAP. The capture process can be supported by third party ICR/OCR, and DST’s proprietary JumpStart service for mail classification and indexing. Paper documents are scanned using a variety of hardware and adapter-based software to capture the document as a “source.” The source is then classified and categorized and this triggers the creation of one or more work items. Read more


AWD’s Design Studio is a web-based visual design tool using drag-and-drop techniques to build and administer process modeling. From the user perspective, the entire process flow model is shown in a graphic format to enable simple and complex routing decisions. Process flow models can be exported and imported as single models or as an entire package, thus helping ensure that when the process is changed any supporting components are also exported. AWD adheres to the principle of: "What you model is what you execute." Our solution helps provide clarity to business stakeholders without hiding functionality in code and ensures that what has been designed is also being followed by all staff in a consistent manner. Read more


AWD has a symbiotic relationship with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Process flows designed in AWD not only include the process definition, but also consist of service-based, reusable elements that can integrate with external systems. AWD makes sure your people are presented with their most important tasks along with all the information they need to do their jobs effectively.  It’s about orchestrating people, systems and data to improve experience and interactions. Read more


AWD provides a web-based business dashboard that gives you real-time and historical analytics, allowing you to turn knowledge into action. Staff performance, quality, and efficiency data metrics are all captured by AWD and are available for reporting. In addition, our internal data warehouse stores live information about your operation, allowing you to analyze every process, customer and staff interaction for meaningful insight into where and how you can make improvements. Read more


AWD helps your organization to create personalized, multi-channel output communications for your customers.  The communication feature not only controls the message sent to customers, but also records the full interaction. Because communications are completely integrated with the AWD web-based portal, the need for third-party word processing software is eliminated. Read more


To successfully service your customers, you need collaboration among many moving parts – people, systems and functions.  AWD can help enable you to manage all aspects related to a customer request. Our web-based process portal delivers the right work to the right person at the right time, while guiding the user to efficient completion of the task. Read more

Case Management

Having the ability to successfully handle both simple and intricate customer interactions is at the heart of your organization's success. AWD allows your team to be nimble, adaptive and collaborative as they make smart decisions and create exceptional customer experiences.  AWD’s Case Management workspace is an effective tool for people whose work has less structure, spans time, requires collaboration, and is unpredictable. Read more

AWD is a scalable, functionally rich business process management (BPM) solution that uses a Java enterprise edition (JEE)-based architecture to deliver performance scalability and security - all on commodity hardware. The separation-through-application server and database server allow you to make choices in terms of horizontal and vertical scaling. As an open architecture solution, AWD uses web services from your existing line of business system(s), administration systems or external third parties, while exposing many of our services through both SOAP and RESTful APIs.

Web Services

We provide both a SOAP and REST based interface. The general architecture principles for the web services interface are:

The SOAP-based interface is designed to be the communication channel from a server-to-server point of view. It leverages WS-Security provided by the JEE container for the authentication of service calls. This interface is designed to allow for indexing, searching and creating workflow items and content.

This interface is designed to be the communication channel from the client server perspective. The AWD REST API is available for use by browser-based applications and also underpins the AWD browser portal. The API follows a HATEOAS (Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State) architecture pattern.

The REST API allows you to search, index, and create workflow items and content. It then returns the data in JSON or XML. It also allows you to request the content as stored or in the needed format. The retrieval and conversion of images within AWD is achieved through a REST-based interface.

Performance & Scaling
Companies of virtually any size can integrate AWD into their existing infrastructure to help them maximize their investment while getting the most value out of the system’s capacity. Being highly scalable, AWD can be used in very large, time-sensitive deployments across core processes in large organizations. Scalability is tested within AWD, as well as at independent testing centers, for up to 30,000 seats. The combination of front-end engineering principles and the use of the AWD RESTful API support a quality user experience in both head-office and remote field locations. Whether hosted in DST’s hosting services or self-hosted, AWD environments have the capacity to run at peak volume times without performance degradation.


Performance and Scaling

Companies of virtually any size can integrate AWD into their existing infrastructure to help them maximize their investment while getting the most value out of the system’s capacity. Being highly scalable, AWD can be used in very large, time-sensitive deployments across core processes in large organizations. Scalability is tested within AWD, as well as at independent testing centers, for up to 30,000 seats. The combination of front-end engineering principles and the use of the AWD RESTful API support a quality user experience in both head-office and remote field locations. Whether hosted in DST’s hosting services or self-hosted, AWD environments have the capacity to run at peak volume times without performance degradation.

AWD Architecture

AWD is designed to integrate with the backbone systems that drive your operations. Our comprehensive document management and operational business intelligence solution is delivered as a JEE application that’s designed to support a wide range of platforms. Tested configurations include IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic and Red Hat JBOSS. Supported databases include Oracle, SQL Server and DB2.

With AWD, our intelligent business process (BPM) and case management solution, we can help you to rapidly build business-specific solutions to the challenges faced by your organization:

Claims Processing

As competition, customer expectations and regulatory burdens squeeze margins, cutting claims leakage is vital. Insurers need systems that minimize costs while delivering a high-quality claims experience that safeguards customer loyalty. Instead, operational silos and incompatible, inadequate systems across different lines cause range of a number of challenges. DST's AWD Claims Processing solution provides a consistent, compliant experience that helps cut the cost of claims, improve operational efficiency and deliver a market-leading service.

Read more about our AWD Claims Processing solution here

Client On-boarding

Without the proper processes, effective risk management and compliance can work against efficient on-boarding, leaving clients disappointed and organizations exposed. A critical step in nurturing the lifetime value of a customer is to make the on-boarding experience as efficient, effective and as seamless as possible. The process begins as soon as a potential customer engages with you. DST's AWD Client On-boarding solution is designed to help deliver a compliant, efficient on-boarding process that drives value across the business and helps provide the best possible beginning for your client relationships.

Read more about our AWD Client On-boarding solution here

Complaints Management

Customer choice is at an all-time high, so when organizations get things wrong, it is important that they rectify the situation as swiftly and efficiently as possible. DST's AWD Complaints Management solution provides a flexible and cost-effective means to help deal with complaints in a consistent, compliant and optimal way. By managing the customer journey through clear and effective communications we can help your organization transform unhappy customers into long-term advocates.

Read more about our AWD Complaints Management solution here

Customer Centricity

Fierce competition, high expectations and stringent regulation make customer centricity vital, but achieving a consistent, compliant and optimal customer experience across the organization is complicated by the range of sales channels, diverse, complex products, and disparate systems for different lines and businesses. DST’s AWD Customer Centricity solution allows you to leverage big data and helps effectively capture and operationalize customer intelligence. By improving everyday interactions with customers across all service channels, it helps you to deliver a better service, reduce costs and generate more sales - maximizing all business outcomes.

Read more about our AWD Customer Centricity solution here

Exception Management

All manual and automated processes produce exceptions. Regardless of the underlying cause, exception cases will inevitably cost you time, resources and money to resolve, making it critical for you to have a mechanism in place to manage those scenarios as they arise. AWD can help define multiple process outcomes and route exception scenarios to the right team at the right time. 

Read more about our AWD Exceptions Management solution here

Know Your Customer (KYC)

All types of financial services companies, from Global Investment Banks, Insurance Providers and Accountants to Casinos, Estate Agents and Tax Advisors, are required by legislation to have a robust and auditable Know Your Customer (KYC) process in place. The right KYC process will maintain absolute integrity while allowing scalability and ease of use. AWD's intelligent rules capability helps provide the ability to manage client classification and identify regulatory requirements across global jurisdictions, offering a flexible, scalable solution for KYC compliance.

Read more about our Know Your Customer (KYC) solution here

Legacy Modernization

The complex systems used by financial services companies reflect the challenging, changing and competitive market in which they operate. Clients expect high quality, customer-centric service across numerous products and communication channels. DST’s AWD Legacy Modernization solution is designed to offer a more cost-effective, less disruptive answer to help financial services organizations held back by ageing back office systems deliver excellent customer service.

Read more about our AWD Legacy Modernization solution here

Loans Processing

The wide spectrum of client profiles within the loans organizations can sometimes be an issue when managing operational processes associated with loan lifecycles. The lack of an end-to-end solution covering all loan processing activities means that there is often a breakdown in communication or process between lenders and borrowers. AWD can help bring all loan support activities together within a scalable platform to help your organization maintain control and reduce exposure to risk.

Read more about our AWD Loans Processing solution here

Mortgage Processing

The wide spectrum of client profiles within the mortgage industry gives rise to complex issues when managing operational processes associated with mortgage lifecycles. AWD from DST is designed to help you quickly deliver end-to-end process automation for mortgage processing while facilitating effective work allocation.

Read more about our AWD Mortgage Processing solution here

Online Applications

Financial services customers want products to be cheaper and faster; regulators demand consistent compliance; and providers want market share. The pressure to cut processing costs and deliver an excellent application experience has never been greater. However, too often paper-based systems or failures to integrate standalone online application systems with back office data undermine both the customer experience and operational efficiency. DST’s AWD Online Applications solution helps bridge the gap between the back office and front office, cutting costs and delivering a seamless experience for clients and intermediaries alike.

Read more about our AWD Online Applications solution here

Structured Debt

Successful structured finance deals require close cooperation and coordination between a number of different, and often geographically dispersed, departments. However, progress is often hampered by information trapped in silos, and paper-driven, manual processes. From origination to execution, DST’s AWD Structured Debt solution delivers visible, auditable and informed decisions for a more profitable, consistent operation.

Read more about our AWD Structured Debt solution here

AWD is used by more than 400 organizations worldwide to align people, technology and departments to help them to execute intelligent, efficient and compliant operations. Using sophisticated work delivery and automation techniques, AWD is designed to help organizations:

Gain Efficiency

Automating manual processes and non-value added activity allows employees to focus on the work you hired them for which both reduces operating costs and increases job satisfaction. Read more

Increase Productivity

By providing all the information needed for an employee to execute work and by matching the right work with the right skill, you ensure efficient use of their time. Read more

Ensure Compliance

Automating manual tasks combined with built-in quality and an audit trail function enables your organization to accurately satisfy regulatory requirements and corporate guidelines. Read more

Reduce Costs

Eliminating manual and paper-based operations out of processes enables management to improve productivity and performance. Read more

Optimize Resources

AWD is built for the business, which means IT is not burdened with daily process changes. IT facilitates the environment and provides governance, logic and stability while the business configures the solution to meet their needs. Read more

Reduce Time to Market

Value can be delivered quickly with our easy to use design studio. Once IT has set up the integration points, the business is free to execute the improved processes meaning that modifications and enhancements are delivered in a shorter timeframe. Read more

Control Risk

Automated quality functions and audit trails provide a framework of control around information, work and people. The intuitive design approach and ease of process change within AWD means you can react quickly to changes or new regulations ensuring that you remain compliant. Read more

Increase Customer Satisfaction

By executing customer requests quickly and accurately, loyalty and customer lifetime value grow. Read more

Reduce Training Time

Having a system that enforces a structured process means that the learning curve for new employees is kept to a minimum which helps to keep productivity levels high. Read more

Increase Visibility

Providing a view into the status and quality of work allowing management to react quickly ensuring you reach your key performance indicators (KPIs) and meet service level agreements (SLAs). Read more

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