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Growth through knowledge

Growth through knowledge

Spend less time managing information and more time focused on how to grow your business. Our solutions focus on providing asset management companies, broker-dealers and financial advisors convenient, cost-effective access to critical information, superior levels of service and automation to address regulatory, customer service and business strategy needs.



DST Vision® is an interactive website that enables advisors to respond to client inquiries, prepare for portfolio reviews, or monitor activity across a book of business. Vision is the preferred financial intermediary site providing no-cost access to fund, shareowner account, and dealer information to over 100,000 active users each month. Its real-time, critical information and tools help advisors spend less time managing information and more time focused on the needs of their clients.

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Vision Professional

Vision Professional is a premium solution that enables advisors to retrieve presentation ready, automated and consolidated historical, quarter-end shareholder reporting reports with supplemental product and holdings analytics. The solution also adds brokerage positions to the holding available for aggregation with the other financial products already in Vision.


FAN Mail®

To successfully grow your financial planning practice, it’s imperative that your valuable time is spent servicing your customers, not on administrative tasks like data entry. Our Financial Advisor Network® Mail (FAN Mail®) provides advisors and broker-dealer back-offices the transactional and position information necessary to populate proprietary data-bases and software applications.

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Internet Dealer Commissions

Our Internet Dealer Commissions solution is an automated, real-time file delivery system for commission and 12b-1 data. The primary audience for this solution is the broker-dealers and third-party administrators who are not members of the NSCC, but still have the need to receive commission details in a secure, electronic format. IDC reduces the time required to provide commission data and is available for retrieval 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   

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Our home office service solutions are designed to streamline daily operations for broker-dealer and trust company home offices.

NSCC Interface

DST’s mutual fund customers are the single largest users of the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) NSCC system.  Our NSCC interface is totally automated and fully integrated with our core recordkeeping system and supports Fund/SERV, Networking, Commission Settlement, Defined Contribution Clearance and Settlement (DCC&S), Trust Processing, ACATS and Mutual Fund Profile Service (MFPS).

New Account Web Service

DST Prime, our new account web solution, enables broker-dealers to electronically establish accounts with their fund family partners by sending data in lieu of the paper application. The interface also facilitates the delivery of images in the event the fund family requires a copy of the application.

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Vision® HomeOffice

Vision® HomeOffice integrates real-time, operational information with self-servicing tools designed to help manage home-office operations more efficiently. Designed exclusively for the broker-dealer and trust company home office, Vision HomeOffice is a one-stop source for retrieving information from mutual funds, direct participation programs and variable annuity companies.

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Our business intelligence solutions are designed to help fund companies more effectively access sales information to help manage and grow their business.  Asset managers rely on our solutions to provide greater transparency to branch and rep information, improved sales and asset reporting, and compliance analysis on data from multiple recordkeeping sources.



SalesConnect combines sales reporting and client relationship management software with a trade resolution and data management service to help ensure accurate and timely data is available to participating fund families. A smarter way to track financial advisors, sales flows, and AUM, SalesConnect helps identify and service intermediaries.

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WalletShare® provides asset managers and insurers with faster, more accurate market share information that they can immediately use to more effectively target and grow their business with existing and prospective clients. Fund family executives, sales managers, and marketing teams can view their fund assets and money flows across all key channels and lines of business at the individual firm and office level. Accessible via desktop, tablet, or smartphone, WalletShare also enables wholesalers to gain insights and view their top opportunities before their next advisor meeting.

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Omnibus Transparency

Our Omnibus Transparency solution provides mutual fund companies the ability to request and receive supplemental trade data from intermediaries for compliance with Rule 22c-2 of the Investment Company Act of 1940. Features include data storage structure, analytics/reporting for market timing, and best pricing of trades.

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Working with Boston Financial, we have developed customized services that assist fund companies in the management and oversight of their intermediary relationships. The solution provides intermediary data and relationship information, improves intermediary payment administration, and simplifies inspection and monitoring obligations. Fund companies are able to track key aspects of their financial intermediary relationships through one portal.

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